Sunday, 18 August 2013

Darya Ganj Sunday Book Bazaar.

One sunday morning, i visited the Darya Ganj's Sunday Book Bazaar ,Delhi's biggest book bazaar.
Number of secondhand as well as first hand book dealers grab a sizable portion of the footpath and install their makeshift stores.
In all my eagerness,i went early,around 7 in the morning. Turns out i was early than most shopkeepers.
I asked a shop on the opposite lane if the book market had already closed. She didn't know(!!!!!!!).
Any way i waited,and soon enough stall started cropping up.
The market sells all kind of books. So i bought all kinds of books.
Because of my greed, i couldn't stay longer or  take more pictures. The load was getting heavier with each shop visit,and the HEAT. At one point i thought i was melting as i greedily swam through rows of old books,which were priced between 10-30 rs(less than a dollar).
I think i lasted for about an hour in the market.

I will visit the market again. This time i shall hold my feelings in control.

i made it to the end:)

My haul from the market.
The last 3 books were heavy.

Any one interested, the market runs from 6am to 6pm.Better to visit after 9am though. By then most stalls are up and running. Early bird has its advantage too, you get good deals.:)


  1. I love love love book markets; I would never be able to leave! :)

  2. I would love to spend a Sunday morning like that :)

    1. It is quite a lovely way to start a sunday morning:)

  3. my kind of activity <3

    i would have to take a troll up to this market!
    great choices you got there :)

    1. I actually think my timing was good,less people and ample time to spend in each shop:)
      A troll... hehehe

  4. I love you for getting Agatha Christie! She is my fave, like ultimate one! Gosh, so many books, my heart kind of stopped when I noticed Green Mile by Stephen King. I would probably want to buy all of them, tbqh! I don't know how you handled getting only a few! <3

    1. a combo of willpower, heat and the shallow depth of my coin purse:)
      I love Agatha Christie too,probably the only detective genre i read with absolute joy.