Monday, 29 April 2013

The Fish Post

So finally we have the fish post.
One fine morning in Mumbai, me and my aunts went to the Sassoon Docks Fish Market. My sister decided to skip it and gave me just one  good piece of advice. "Carry a scarf to cover your nose if you are gonna get busy taking pictures..." she said, before drifting off to sleep again(it was 5 in the morning).
Glad i listened to her. You could smell the "fishes" from miles ahead. 3 of us girls and the Uncle forged bravely,aunts for the giant prawns,me-a doe eyed tourist. There was no time for funny business. Everyone was busy shuffling,bargaining, running, cussing, yelling. I even got yelled at for blocking a super sales lady.
Heads carried  cane/plastic basket load of fishes. It was still dark when we reached. Sometimes all i could see was silhouettes of fish tails atop people's head. At one point all i could see of my aunt was the end her shirt that i was grabbing on to for dear life. There were fishes and people everywhere,and that smell. I remembered a cooking show where the host said "fresh fishes smells of the sea and not fishy". Well he did not visit this place i tell you. Ok, maybe it was the place and not the fish.
Anyway with whatever light was available, i took some pictures(mmmm i don't like flash you  see).
The stench wasn't a bother after a while. There was so much to see. I didn't take pictures of the fishes. Its a sad story for them. The life bustling about was more than enough to keep me occupied.

Most of the ladies had fresh flowers on their head. Fish day or not,its flowers all the way:)

And then came the boots....

That's all for now. I will end my Mumbai tales with the story of a lady called Padmini.
Good night folks.


  1. Gosh I LOVE this post - markets are the best!

    1. Thank you:).
      Markets are definitely the best!so much to see.

  2. This is beautiful indeed