Saturday, 6 April 2013

High Rise

The weather's has been crazy here. The wind blows and howls like crazy someday, and other days it pours cats and dogs. Then there are days when the sun burns so hot, i feel like i'l get baked any moment. 
Has anyone else noticed? I talk a bit too much about weather in this blog. Maybe i should make this a weather blog. Hmmm I shall control in the coming days. 
Anyway, here are some more pictures of Mumbai. Up Up and away...

India's richest man's crib. WHY?????

Oh i'm scared of such buildings. I cant imagine living in any of them. i once worked in such a place, i almost always took the stairs. Elevators scares me too. Sorry Mr Ambani, looks like we will not be sitting down for tea in your new place anytime soon.(like i was ever invited).
OK.Take care folks.
The next story will be about fishes:)


  1. These are impressive, and a bit weird... I'm scared of such high buildings too, at last to live in, it would feel so strange.

  2. Right? glad am not the only one to feel that:)