Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Run Run

These shoes,however, are not for running. At least for a while.
I'm always in these kind of shoes. Chucks,Brogues,fake brogues,loafers,fake loafers,sandals,kolhapuri ...The kind which do not require so much effort to walk in. I do like them heels.These days,though,they are just there to decorate the rack. I use to wear them but there was that Fateful day i nearly roll down those stairs  in front of the whole crowd in a wedding. Had my mother not been walking beside me, i would have been the heroine in the "funny incident in a wedding" story  for the amusement of many a folks. Since i would not like to star in such stories,those shoes have been relegated for time being. Well that's my 'run run' story.

The title,as usual, is that of a song by Those Dancing Days.
Be safe everyone:)


  1. One beautiful pair of shoes you got there !!

    <3 a lott!!

    Check out our blog and maybe we can follow each other!

    Much Love!
    Team Heiress