Sunday, 3 July 2011

Where have you been

Introducing Thunderball.
He's the funniest cat i'v ever had. Unlike the earlier cats(who would barely spend time with us, and just prowl around the house sneakily)Thunderball seems to love spending time wit humans. maybe my little sister keepin him with her 24/7 when he was a baby has somethin to do wit it haha. I actually named him something else but my brother kept calling him Thunderball,so that named stayed. He is one of my favorite subjects to click around at home. He poses so well hahaha.

Doin the 'catwalk':)

He could be a Mr. Thomas here :)


  1. he's a cute little fellow.
    i love when cats are closed to us (humans). i guess i've been extremely lucky with my first cat :)

  2. the bottom two pictures looks like paintings. lovely!