Saturday, 25 June 2011

second batch


1.a rusty old box i saw on my way to an atm.

2.A park near my place.

3.Fishy decorative stuffs in Janpath.

4.My favorite scarf at the moment.

5. Scarf resting on a chair.haha silly me!

6. I still make a wish everytime i see the Red mail van.

7.Time for some gossiping and storytelling

8. Trusty old ambassador cab.

9. Birdy-one of my favorite little bakery(not that there is many around where i live). I love their

10.Lastly,fried rice....mmm i love fried rice.

Ok. Done for today. If Anybody reads tis blog, my warmest greetings to you. i think its very strange of me to blog  haha. And since i am new to this blogger thing, my post are kinda all over the place. I hope i get the hang of it soon.
Happy Weekend everyone.stay safe.

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