Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Couple of kooks

A few nondescript things about me.

  • My full name is Wondeno Ezung Lotha. If i include the initials, its Thechamo Wondeno Ezung Lotha. Now that wont fit into any respectable size envelope or the blank spaces in forms. So we take the short route-Wondeno Ezung  and we cut it further down to Awono(a childhood name).
  • I cut my own hair.Sample-the pic above. However not all haircuts results in me looking like a sane human. 
  • I was once mistaken for a guy(courtesy of a haircut from a hair salon). I was 15. My aversion for any salon thus firmly cemented.
  • At the age of 8, I fell down from the first floor,passed out, regained consciousness, cried and then continued life with full gusto.

  • Anyone wants to share any details?
    Have a wonderful day people.

    David Bowie- kooks


    1. Nice idea to share some info with us! <3

    2. A lovely self-portrait! And if my hair looked like yours when I cut it, I'd do that ever day!

    3. wow, kindda adventures details about you! :)

    4. Hello Thechamo Wondeno Ezung Lotha :) I wish I could cut my own hair!

      During my first year in university, I fell down a flight of stairs in my dorm on my bottom and for a terrible twenty minutes I COULDN'T SEE. I was, literally, blind. I was so freaked out but by the time the ambulance came I had recovered my eyesight. Still, I rode in the ambulance to the hospital (possibly one of the most embarrassing things I've had to do) and when I asked for an explanation the doctor actually said that it was like a computer "rebooting"! Whatever that means! :D

      1. Wow.that's scary and the Doc's explanation didnt help either.
        Its easy to cut hair if its not a fancy cut:D

    5. I tried to cut my bangs two months ago and i looked less erm...human?
      i had to go to the salon to get it fixed and the girl asked me if i was drunk when i did it ahahahah
      never again.my hands were not made for scissors and hair work!
      I went blind for several minutes more than 10 times while i was working at the calling center in 4 years and it was a clear sign for me too leave because it was cause by extreme stress and anxiety and scary as hell!
      I like Awono,it it very musical :)

    6. Once my brother cut my bangs with an inverted V in the middle haha.
      Hey me too worked in a cc once.Major stress indeed.major. Glad you got out fine.
      Yeah someone thinks my name is musical hehe.

    7. I have parted my hair for so long that they don't stay as bangs even when I cut them short!

      1. Bangs are my life support,thanks to my forehead:)

    8. I knew it.....IIIII kneeeeewww ittttt... Told you I knew you write. wow..monkana babyro. Very skillful and clever and creative and humorous and and *breathing* and *more breathing* and making me fall deeper in nzan.