Friday, 19 July 2013

A cricket and a classic

There are some parts of the day(or weather conditions) that seems to evoke a particular feeling/nostalgia.
I don't exactly know how these feeling come to be associated with such conditions, but they tend to stay.
A strange place for me to make this listings but i thought i'l do it anyway.
+ A warm sunny afternoon,crickets chirping in the background, clear blue sky reminds me of Murakami 's novels. Like i have actually lived in one of his novels feeling that exact same thing.
+ Around 12-2pm, my usual tea time, sometimes i get this huge desire to watch old hindi movies.The kind that has the Mithuns, Rishis,Sashis etc(not the black and whites and not the ghastly 90s movies). It's not like i am a huge fan of the actors or hindi movies. I just get the urge. Usually if there is cable around, i get to watch these type of movies. If not, the feelings dies with the last sip of tea.
+ Rainy days makes me want to watch Asian films ( East Asian movies to be particular).
+ Smell of coffee reminds me of Christmas(this probably has to do with the cupious amount of coffees we drink in winters,around the warm fire)

And sometimes i make weird lips and sing Lana Del Rey's songs.
Happy weekends folks.
God bless.

p.s. i like Lana :)
p.s2. Does these images look pixelated??. Mine in some browsers it does, some it does not. it's confusing.